Bread For The Wilderness, Wine For The Journey

Here’s a collection of eight songs I composed way back in 1983 while Interim Rector of Church of the Apostles – Fairfax, Virginia.  I recently went back to Bias Studios in Springfield, VA where the album was recorded and had the tracks remastered from the master tapes to digital format.

The album brings back a flood of great memories for me. I had nice hair! I let it rip here and there on my Les Paul and even arranged an accompaniment for a live string quartet on the final track.  It was an innocent time of faith for me and yet the joy of finding Christ as bread for the wilderness and wine for the journey still rings strongly for me in these songs.

My twin brother Rob played all the drum tracks for this album and contributed the musical refrain on “A Song of Eucharist.”

My friend, and now noted author Brian McLaren, was kind enough to write a review of the album for a Christian newspaper circulated in the Washington area at the time.

‘This album has a gentle and warm tone, though Bread/Wine involves more complex instrumentation and arrangement.  Similar to Phil Keaggy in both style and quality of production, Rick shows himself here as a fine guitarist and able songwriter.”  Brian McLaren

Purchase and download the album here

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  1. Peter Larsen
    Peter Larsen says:

    Hi Rick,

    I first saw you live at Church of the Apostles in 1980. I bought the album that you were offering here. I’ve listen to that album countless times over the last 35 years. I’ve always wanted to have the songs in iTunes and now you’ve offered it. I purchased the download today.

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