Cançó del lladre, “Thief’s song,” arr. Miguel Llobet (1878-1938)

From one of Llobet’s best known works, Diez Canciones Populares Catalanas (Ten Catalonian Folk Songs), published by Union Musicale Española in 1964. Recorded in the early morning light (alas, the lens glare in the lower left) before heading off to work today.

The photo shows Llobet and his daughter, María Luisa Anido. She became an accomplished guitarist and composer and once stated, “Composing is a wonderful task because of the sincerity it carries within, because of the act of creation itself… because it reveals the greatest depths of the human soul.”

Fantasia in D Minor – S.L. Weiss

I’m preparing this piece for an upcoming video exchange lesson with master guitarist, Jason Vieaux. The Fantasia, originally in C minor for the Lute, bears the inscription, “Weiss 1719 à Prague.” The first half, which is unmeasured, consists of a continuous flow of lyrical phrases. The second, which is metered, presents a fugue subject which rises quickly to an expansive state before returning suddenly to the melodic discourse of the beginning. I’ll most likely redo this video after the lesson and more repetitions!