Veterans of Love

From my sermon for Pentecost 24, Veterans Day:

There come moments in our lives, often without warning, moments of challenge and demand, when something is required of you. What is required now is the gift of your whole self, your faith, your hope and your devotion – and in some tangible, observable way you let your life go out for the sake of something larger, something sacred, something loved.

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Justin Welby introduces himself with self-deprecation and a hint of steel

From The Guardian:

Constitutional convention also mostly stops archbishops from talking about Jesus in public. No one seems to have told this one. He entered the room to a remarkable lack of astonishment, a lean and rather severe figure, dressed in plain black but for a clerical collar and an unadorned silver pectoral cross. He started with a silent prayer, and went on to a short spoken one.

Then it was time to watch his famous technique of management by self-deprecation in action. He praised his predecessor as “one of the greatest archbishops of Canterbury, a man of integrity and holiness, and great moral and physical courage”. The only comparison he would make with himself was that “I’ve got a better barber and I spend more on razors”.

He said he did not want Christians to agree with one another, “but to love one another and to demonstrate to the world around us a better way of disagreeing”. Judging by the last 2,000 years or so, this is a rather more ambitious plan than merely reconverting England – but he seemed entirely serious about it. This could be interesting.

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