The Promise

I had the great honor of preaching at the marriage of Fr. Jody Burnett and Julia Stewart this past Saturday at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew in Jacksonville Mississippi.  Several people asked me to post it here.  The audio of the full sermon can be found below.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jody and Julia, as you know, I’m an optimist when it comes to marriage and that’s mostly because of my good fortune to have Debbie in my life. I don’t just believe, I know that is possible to be in a relationship where over time you become better for each other than when you were at the beginning.  Borrowing an image from the Rule of St. Benedict, marriage is “God’s little workshop” a place and a partnership where a man and woman help each other to become their deepest and truest selves.

I say I’m an optimist, but not a romanticist.  The more experienced and tested among us know that God’s little workshop of marriage seems awkward, as unromantic at times as a sink of dirty dishes.  It is not all-smooth sailing in a cloudless sky!  Nevertheless, Jody and Julia, you will do well to bear in mind the observation of Jeremy Taylor, the great 17th century Anglican writer, who said that a husband must learn “to tolerate his wife’s infirmities, because in so doing he either cures her, or makes himself a better person.”  This observation, I must hasten to add, could equally, if not more so, apply to a wife’s toleration of her husband’s infirmities.

Audio of sermon here.